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  • Accommodation
    • The cats are housed individually, each one in a separate compartment. The dimensions of the compartment are 120 x 120 x 120 cm, the walls and the floor are covered with PVC. The compartment is carefully washed and disinfected after each cat guest’s stay is over. Each compartment has a litter box , sleeping basket, hanging cat toy, small carpet and wooden board for claw sharpening and 3 dishes. In the compartment there is enough space for your own pick-up carrier. If you have two cats, we can offer you a double compartment, actually two compartments one above the other without a partition between them.
  • Feeding arrangements
    • All of us cat lovers know what different tastes our cats have. We can offer them cans of Whiskas, Friskies, Felix, Kitekat, Darling, etc. Cat food supplied in little sacks is also popular. We can offer the same brands of dry pet food. We can also satisfy the needs of cats accustomed to meat, fish, etc. The food to be used is agreed upon in advance with the pet owner. The cats are normally fed twice a day with canned food, and during the day they always have enough dry food, water and milk if required. The cat owner can also provide his/her own food, and the resulting price difference is given in the price list.
  • Vet care
    • When veterinary care is needed, you can be sure that we will take care of your cat well. The veterinary clinic in Český Brod is a vet clinic of top quality that provides services 24 hours a day. It is situated 8 km from our cat hotel. The veterinary doctor will either drive here himself or we can use our company car.
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