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Our hotel has been providing accommodation for cats since the year 1996 as the first hotel of its kind in the Czech Republic. During these years, over 4.000 cats have been accommodated in the hotel. Our customers repeatedly use our services. We strictly follow all the health measures and regulations. Our perfect care will solve the problems of your holiday, business trip or hospital stay. I, Blanka Pišínková, a graduate of the Agricultural School aimed at veterinary care, and my husband have the responsibility for the cats entrusted to our care. Our facility and its operating rules were approved by the State Veterinary Administration before they were put into service. No check has ever found any deficiency.

The hotel where the cats stay is a separate, stone-walled building situated in the garden of our home. The facility is centrally heated. The partitions between the individual compartments are made of thick glass. This design enables the cats to see each other from one end of the facility to the other. It is possible to accommodate as many as 25 cats. The hotel is in operation throughout the year. The cats are cared for only by us, the owners of the hotel.

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Ing. Bohuslav Pištínek a Blanka Pištínková

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